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Next Event - April Bluetopia - Green Light Exchange.

Friday April 25th, 2014

at the American Tango Institute (Google Map)
325 N. Hoyne
Suite C-404 (Top Floor)

Upcoming events:

Want to know where to learn to Blues dance? Ruby offers weekly classes in Chicago.

Watch a video shot in September with Gerry Hundt Trio playing live.



Bluetopia is located in and around Chicago, Illinois.

We're currently at the American Tango Institute
325 N. Hoyne
Suite C-404 (Top Floor)
Google Map

What is Blues Dance?

Blues Dance is an American vernacular dance with a rich history growing up along side jazz, blues and swing music. Although Blues Dance is now taught in a formal setting in major cities around the world, it had less formal beginnings in juke joints and blues clubs in the South and the Midwest. In essence, it is a street dance, with its own lexicon that dancers use to communicate with their partners as they interpret the soulful blues music that's such a rich part Chicago's history. Learning to Blues Dance is a great way to begin partner dance as the emphasis is on connection and musicality rather than footwork or complex patterns. You'll be dancing by the end of your first class.

Support Us

If keeping Blues Dance alive in Chicago is important to you, let others know! Bring a friend to the next event. Make your support public by joining our Facebook Group.

About the Bluetopia Crew

Bluetopia is a labor of love... created by three Chicago Blues Dancers who wanted to find a perfect space where dancers could enjoy smooth floors, authentic Blues music and some of the best dancing that Chicago has to offer. Lydia "Lady B" Breen, Ruby "Red" and Keir "No Name" Briscoe share DJ, advertising, teaching and PR responsibilities.

Contact us: info at chicagobluetopia.com